A Grand Day Out

Day one (the third)

We all die again

Give talisman to goblin king, get xp. 

Mash doesn't like tree stomps up to give it a good talking to.

Gets slapped in the face by branch, its obviously a treant.

11 dmg, shit Mash is dead.

Still goes first in initiative though. (1 saving throw)

Eduardo attacks tree with torch (doesn't help Mash).

Mattie is a BAMF and rolls a nat 20 cone of fire and burns tree (also doesn't help mash).

Tree misses everyone else somehow.

…. 2 saving throws…

….3 saving throws! now just a peaceful sleep.

We win! Eduardo burns his first healing hands spell and heals for 5hp.

4 Symbols under tree base, Mattie says they are giant runes, original magic runes!

Earth, water, wind and fire! By your powers combined we all do a sick flip. (everyone rolled 18+)

Camp out in left room to regain hp and skills, no one jumps us.

Go to mystery puzzle door and Korben Dallas that shit. Ethereal door face, lets us in says beware of the dark. Mash gets 4 torches. 

You see a well made dark room, seemingly a crypt. You spot shadowy figures in the projected torch light on the walls!


Enter shadow fight, we are useless and can't do shit.

Mattie drops to the ground.

Eduardo drops to the ground (like his forgotten bow).

Mash tries to save the day, kills one, but then also drops to the ground.

Shit, party wipe.

But wait, DM fiat! old beardo Kvath himself shows up and Gandalf the white's us back to life and grants holy weaponry. Cake walk!

We win!

[lvl up]


ThoreKibel ThoreKibel

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