A Grand Day Out

Day One (the second)

We forgot all the food

In Stonesplit pass. 

"Road is long and road-y"

Welp down pass only way to go

Good news; Eduardo has rations!

Bad news; only one days worth…

Shit, forage time.

Make a camp.

Mash takes first watch, falls asleep.

Wakes up before others find out.

Old man beardo is chilling at the camp fire.

Mystic Quest NPC.jpeg otherwise known as Herbert "Kvath" the sex pest.

"Evil in a cave nearby, I'll reward you with food."

Well… we are hungry.

Met goblins,

  • almost died, but killed scout
  • micro rest back to 10/11 hp
  • mash missed a guy asleep with adv
  • Eduardo drops bow and doesn't pick it up (#2)

Met some viney zombies, mash almost died again, chugged a potion. Mattie found a incorporeal book and seems to now know magic. nbd.

Now met some good goblins we killed some of their bros, we are sorry.

Have to get talisman's off zombie goblins (first was back on plant zombie). Ok.

Found a giant tree in a room, very suspicious as underground – three side tunnels.

Right is spooky cobweb tunnel. Edwardo you see a completely clean section of wall where everything else is dirty. "Cool". Turns around.

Left is spooky empty room, top is spooky well with 2 more tunnels. 2spoopy4me

Seems to be a wishing well! Mash chucks in a coin and drinks some glowing water regaining hp.

Top well path ends in puzzle door. Other well path is spooky spider well path #2. Go in, giant spider dick, gets deaded. Find other talisman and mash sees clean wall as well now -
"wow Eduardo that's crazy that wall is completely clean I've never seen anything like that at all!"


- _ -

Eduardo mans up and finds secret room, shield on pedestal with fire spewing out.


Mash and Mattie come in and solve fire avoidance puzzle, get magic shield of fire protection.



ThoreKibel ThoreKibel

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