A Grand Day Out

Day One

Everyone dies

Mash tried to cheat at liar's dice.

Edwardo forgot to pick up his bow (1st time).

Demons came and killed edwardo's adopted family, rescued (almost dead) Tommy and benji.

Stashed them behind the bar unconcious

And everyone else.

Balrog came and crushed every house.

Mash finds mattie and ford.

Party groups at tavern and tries to get the villagers out.

Balrog flies and cuts everyone off, crushing benji and tommy.

Quick into the tavern!

Balrog runs to tavern.

Quick out of the tavern!

Only mash, edwardo (who mysteriously has his bow) and mattie get out.

Terminator wizards (come with me if you want to live) teleport us out.

Fade to black….

[lvl up]


ThoreKibel ThoreKibel

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